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Our services cut across several sectors based on our Team’s strengths and core competencies. These services are in Trading, Manufacturing, Food and Agriculture, Real Estate, Entertainment and Hospitality. Providing consultancy services and making our clients priority in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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We are very involved in general trading activities of all usable commodities, household goods, office, and industrial equipment. Our channels of trade have linked our business and clients from the east of the Niger to the core northern markets and across the world at large. We have given ourselves a good position in moving goods commodities and general services overtime. We crave concern in providing real-time services for all our market coverings. Our business development plan and strategy have to be on long-term value creation, for our clients, the market, and partners. In HWP it’s a culture to always exceed expectations and deliver the best possible solution to any given task. It is our model to keep data of our dealings and expand along with the analytics by researching the best-fit plan to evolve new models


To project the Nigerian image, we have established indigenous manufacturing firms that source raw-material and convert it into the finished product. We are establishing a maiden company that will use basic raw hibiscus flower sourced from our local farmers in the manufacturing world-class gin and spirit that will be consumed worldwide.


We believe in participating in the development of our food sector and guaranteeing food security in the country. We began our restaurant chain in 2018 and has been directly involved in establishing a food bank project for Nigerians, My Chow by Moscow is designed for fine dining and a touch of contemporary beauty. The focus is to bring to our esteemed clients’ sizzling taste bud seduction and with a touch of local dishes. The Restaurant is located in the sprawling business district of Abuja, at No 35 Ademola Adetokumbo Crescent Wuse II. Being a booming business area that needs warm and excellent food, My Chow by Moscow features the cozy dining and elegant looks. In Chow, Each Meal is an art specially created to deliver a spicy bite. The comfy seats make it a perfect place to stop for a bite and small business meetings. The menu is inspired to keep our clients tastefully satisfied for 24 hours. Our prices are competitive with other high scale restaurants; our drive is to ensure we deliver exceptional service for another moment of experience.


Since the decline in the traditional stores, Digital distribution has grown to be the preferred method of getting creativity out there to fans. We at Hotwire Media are licensed to help get your creativity into as many ears and eyes as possible, and We help you get paid for your art. Hotwire Media with its vast connections in the entertainment and hospitality industry combined with the well qualified and licensed digital team, aims to grow and develop content true to what we believe in. We can help create, re-create, develop, and distribute your digital work and collect 100% of all your sound recording, composition, video, and image, e-book, and game royalties from around the world. We provide digital distribution of Music, Images, Videos, Softwares, e-books, and Games. We help independent Music artists, Song Writers, Comedians, Authors, Photographers, Graphics Designers, Speakers, You tubers, performers and any creative to manage their portfolios for Stock Image, iTunes, Tidal, YouTube, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, and more.


This has been the core business focus for the group, the company is well-grounded in the Entertainment and Hospitality business. With a niche in Club and brand Management. We have three subsidiaries in this sector; Moscow Underground, Hustle and Bustle Nightclub, and Hennessey Mistress Lounge. These three outfits are well known for their grandiose poise and class offering in lifestyle and top of the notch entertainment.


To ensure all enjoy luxury hospitality, Hotwire Development focuses on building world-class luxury resorts, hotels, and luxury terrace apartments, through a partnership agreement with OCHACHO REAL HOMES one of which is currently under construction in the high profile Life camp neighborhood in Abuja. The company has other planned development contracts in other parts of the country which is still at the development stage.



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